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Meet the Staff


Natalynn Masters
Camp Director


Our Team ​

Originally from Arizona, Natalynn grew up camping and fishing with her parents and two brothers. The outdoors were a family tradition that showed her all of the benefits of being in nature. Although she did not attend summer camps as a kid, she was able to attend a short camp experience while in college. Bear Down Camp at the University of Arizona opened her eyes to the community that can come from a camp setting.


Natalynn moved to San Antonio upon graduation to teach middle school math through Teach For America. For 3 years, Natalynn taught on the South and East sides of San Antonio where she learned about Camp Founder Girls. She began to volunteer and fell in love with its mission and impact, especially a camp with such a rich history and a dedication to serving Black girls. Natalynn now serves as the Camp Director and works to continue creating empowering experiences for CFG Campers!

Our 2020 Counselors

Marshae Bobb - Counselor

KIPP Somos

Sandra Agyepong - Counselor

KIPP Aspire

Fallon James - Counselor

Davis MS

Naphtalie Gbolahan - Counselor

Austin, TX - Volunteer

Natalynn Masters - Counselor

Riverside Academy

Sarah Schollmeyer - Risk Management

English TeacherCity Year

Laura Irwin - Counselor

KIPP Somos

Taylor Brock - Counselor 

KIPP Somos

Our 2019 Counselors

Cassidy Griffin - Wellness Coordinator

Japhet Academy

Ebony Branch - Cabin Counselor

IDEA Monterrey Park

Sandra Agyepong - Science Coordinator

KIPP Aspire

Talia Sims - Support Staff

Trinity University

Taylor Brock - Operations/Health Director

KIPP Somos

Terrionna Brockman - Art/Photography

IDEA Najim

Zakiya McDowell - Cabin Counselor

Greater Love Ministries

Keisha Harris - Cabin Counselor

Democracy Prep

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